IMC or IR(R)


The privileges of the IR(R) allow:

- you to fly a UK registered aeroplane in UK airspace
- flight in IMC outside controlled airspace, (in Class G) and IFR flight in Class D or E controlled airspace with appropriate permission
- flight out of sight of the ground with a minimum take off and landing visibility of 1800m 
- Let-down and Approach Procedures to published Decision Height or Minimum Descent Height and to undertake missed approach procedures.


Providing the rating is issued before April 2019 you can complete the UK IMC Rating training with an approved instructor and after a successful ground examination, flight test and application, have it added onto an EASA PPL as an IR(R) – an Instrument Rating (restricted). This will give you all the privileges and restrictions of a UK IMC rating, but will be valid in suitable UK registered aircraft whether EASA or non-EASA. The IMC or IR(R) is restricted to UK airspace only.

The pilot must have completed 25 hours post-PPL flying before the rating can be issued.

Your Training

You will complete a minimum of 15 hours training, in or under instrument conditions with a suitably qualified instructor. Of these 15 hours, no less than 10 must be flown with sole reference to the aircraft instruments. Training will involve flying instrument appraches to land (NDB, ILS etc) as well as full and partial panel flying and navigation under instruments.


You will be required to undertake a flight test with an approved CAA Examiner. You will also be required to revalidate this rating every 25 months either through evidence of relevant experience or through a flight test


The initial issue of the rating will require you to pass a theory exam