Light Aircraft Pilots License


With the LAPL, you can
- Fly a single engine aeroplane with Maximum Take Off Weight up to 2,000kg. The aircraft could be of a complex type (ie with retractable landing gear and variable pitch propellers) 
- Fly a maximum of 4 people on board including the pilot
- Fly anywhere within EASA countries
- Carry passengers, but not for profit, provided you have made 3 take-offs and landings within the last 90 days.
- Fly VFR at night if you hold a night rating. To carry passengers, you must have made at least one of the 3 recent take-off and landings at night.


You must be at least 17 years old for the issue of an LAPL for aeroplanes and helicopters.


The medical requirements are lower than those of the full class 2 medical required for a PPL. Your medical certificate can be issued by a GP or by a an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner).


Our organisation is a fully approved EASA Approved Training Organisation (ATO) and therefore we can offer you training towards an LAPL.
Applicants for a LAPL(A) must complete at least 30 hours of flight instruction including at least:
- 15 hours flight training with an instructor
- 6 hours of supervised solo flying
- At least 3 hours of solo cross-country flight time with at least 1 cross-country flight of at least 150 km (80 NM), during which a full stop landing at an aerodrome different from the aerodrome of departure shall be made


You will be required to take following multiple choice examinations:

- Air Law
- Operational Procedures
- Meteorology
- Navigation
- Aircraft General Knowledge
- Flight Performance and Planning
- Human Performance
- Principles of Flight
- Communications


Once all the above requirements have been met, you will be ready to complete a Licensing Skills Test (LST) with an approved CAA examiner.


The cost of your training is determined by the cost of a number of things, such as:
•Hourly aircraft hire rate including an instructor.
•Landing and Touch & Go fees.
•Exam fees.

As well as the above costs there are also a number of other fixed costs to take into account when making your calculations:
•Cost of your medical certificate
•Equipment and study material - around £400-500
•Examiners fees and issue of licence fees / or CAA fees

We estimate it will cost you around £6000, this of course would be with the minimum of 30 hours of training. If you find yourself needing a little more training before you feel ready for the exam, naturally it will cost you a little more.